Documentary Special

HKLGFF have created a special documentary programme and we’re offering tickets for this programme at the special price of HK$50 in celebration of our Silver Jubilee. In addition, we want to attract as many people as possible to the festival because when our straight allies and the next generation are fully aware of LGBT issues, the better all our lives will be.

Limited Partnership
15/9 (Mon) 8:00 pm PALACE ifc
23/9 (Tue) 8:00 pm The ONE

Regarding Susan Sontag
18/9 (Thu) 7:50 pm bc
24/9 (Wed) 9:50 pm bc

The Circle
14/9 (Sun) 3:40 pm bc
19/9 (Fri) 7:50 pm The ONE

Before You Know It
16/9 (Tue) 7:40 pm The ONE
21/9 (Sun) 5:45 pm bc

Campaign of Hate: Russia & Gay Propaganda
14/9 (Sun) 6:20 pm PALACE ifc
22/9 (Mon) 9:50 pm bc